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Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie
Custom Air Freshie

Custom Air Freshie

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No Scent
New Car
Ocean Breeze
Lemon Grass
Tea Tree
Do Not Crop (Rectangular)
Entire Body(s)
Just the Head(s)
Just the Car
Only left
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Each air freshener is made just for you with care and expertise. We'll make sure your photo and scent combination is one-of-a-kind.


Display your favorite moments and special people with custom printed photos. We'll stylishly fit your images to the unique freshener shapes.

Product Details

Each custom air freshener is individually crafted to order with your uploaded photo prominently displayed on both sides. To preserve the unique silhouette, we mirror the image on one side while keeping the regular view on the reverse.

Our skilled graphic design team will professionally crop and edit your photo per your specifications. With our 100% Scent Satisfaction Guarantee, you're sure to find a personalized match you'll love hanging in your car and space.

Photo Guidelines

Feel free to upload any high-quality photo you love! Well-lit, close-up images with good resolution will ensure the clearest custom prints.

Please be aware - we cannot legally include photos of celebrities, athletes, famous characters, trademarked logos, or explicit content without proper permissions. We appreciate you submitting only original photos you hold rights to.

Only The Head(s): If choosing this option, please make sure the entire head is clear and visible. If not, it may be printed as is, without any cropping.

Complete Body(s): If choosing this option, the entire body must be clear and present in the photo. Failure with this may result in your order being printed without any cropping.

Only The Vehicle: If choosing this option, please make sure the entire car is visible in the photo. Failure to do so may result in your order printed without any cropping.

Please follow these guidelines or the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply.

Crop Details

Only The Head(s): Our skilled team of graphic designers will trim your photo to exclusively showcase the head(s) depicted in the image.

Complete Body(s): Our proficient graphic designers will eliminate the background from your photo and retain solely the body(s) displayed in the image.

Only The Vehicle: If your photo includes a car, this choice will instruct our designers to exclusively emphasize the car in the final product.

Do Not Crop: We will refrain from any cropping of your photo, and it will be presented in the final product exactly as uploaded.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At AirFreshies, your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand by the quality of our customized scents and images. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your order, we've got you covered:

  • Request a free replacement within 48 hours of delivery to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee does not apply if the photo we have received did not follow our photo guideline rules.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to deny any refund or replacement requests that do not meet our criteria.

We're committed to making your AirFreshies experience exceptional, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee is our promise to you. Your delight is our mission.